25th Birthday Celebrations

Posted 6/2/2011 | Modified 6/2/2011 | 2079 views

WE ARE CELEBRATING!!! Miracles Limited has been providing Recruitment and HR Services to a wide range of clients all over the Isle of Man and finding both temporary and permanent work for candidates ...more

Junior Achievement 700 Mile Challenge

Posted 5/23/2011 | Modified 5/23/2011 | 1909 views

The Miracles Team took part in the sponsored 700 mile challenge for Junior Achievement yesterday at the NSC.  Thankfully the weather held up for us and it was quite pleasant.  Nordea kindly ...more


Posted 5/23/2011 | Modified 5/23/2011 | 2134 views

We are now officially jining the technological age and you can now be our friend on Facebook.  Find us at Miracles Recruitment and say hi!...more

Junior Achievement Isle of Man

Posted 3/21/2011 | Modified 3/21/2011 | 2113 views

Just two days left now until the teams who are taking part in this year's company programm give their presentations and open their trade stands to the judges at Mount Murray. I will be there as mento...more

Follow us on Twitter

Posted 3/14/2011 | Modified 3/14/2011 | 2015 views

WE have joined the 21st Century and you can now follow us on Twitter @MiraclesRecruit....more


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