BBG 2013

Posted 4/15/2013 | Modified 4/15/2013 | 2309 views

We are thrilled to report that Miracles Limited is the only Recruitment Agency to have been recommended in this year's Best Business Guide.  We feel that this reflects the commitment we have to d...more

CIPD - Organisation Values

Posted 11/6/2012 | Modified 11/6/2012 | 2395 views

Two fifths of employees don't believe business values are worth the paper they are written on 40% of employees report that individuals whose behaviour consistently goes against the values of the orga...more

Follow us on Facebook

Posted 10/24/2012 | Modified 10/24/2012 | 2085 views

We have now dragged ourselves into the technological age, so to keep up to date with all new jobs that we have available and also any news or fun that's going on follow and like us at Miracles Limited...more

CIPD welcomes death of no-fault dismissal proposals

Posted 9/14/2012 | Modified 9/14/2012 | 1877 views

CIPD welcomes death of no-fault dismissal proposals but cautions that alternative plans to make it easier to fire workers risk undermining good performance management practicesThe Government's decisio...more

A Level Results

Posted 8/21/2012 | Modified 8/21/2012 | 2003 views

The results are in and finally your time at school is over.  Congratulations to all of you who have achieved the results that you hoped and are now looking forward to getting away from mum and da...more


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