Meet The Team

Posted 6/14/2010 | Modified 6/23/2010 | 2212 views

On Friday 2nd July the Miracles team will be holding an open day in the Strand Shopping Centre.  This will give everyone the chance to meet us and answer any queries that you may have about what ...more

How Old?!

Posted 6/2/2010 | Modified 6/2/2010 | 2011 views

A brief announcement, Stephanie Murray-Watkins, one of our very own Recruitment Consultants is celebrating a birthday this week.  Should you be meeting with her this week or find her in any local...more

All New Miracles

Posted 3/8/2010 | Modified 6/2/2010 | 2950 views

Well here we are everyone, Miracles has moved into a whole new phase. Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Sandra Dimelow and at the beginning of this year my husband and I took the opportunity...more

Register Now

Posted 6/2/2010 | Modified 6/2/2010 | 1947 views

Hi, I know that some of you have struggled to navigate the site and let us have all of your details.  To ensure that we have all the details about you that we need please follow the pointers list...more

CPD The Business of Space

Posted 5/18/2010 | Modified 5/18/2010 | 1719 views

Stephanie and I went to the most recent CPD Presentation at the Isle of Man Business School today.  The talk was given by Carla Sharpe who is a well respected name within the space industry and a...more


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