GCSE Results

Posted by Miracles 21 Aug 2014 | Modified 21 Aug 2014 | 6658 views

The team at Miracles would like to wish good luck to all of you receiving your results today. 

This is an exciting time with many choices now open to you.  Do you stay on at school for A Levels? Go to college or find a job?  If you are considering leaving education and looking for your first job feel free to call into the office where we will be happy to talk things through with you and assist you in the first step on your career ladder?

Results not what you had hoped? Your life is not over! There are many people who have gone on to have very successful careers after not doing as well as they should have at school.  There are lot of avenues for training outside of school which are available to you and of course the opportunity to resit those GCSEs.

For further advice call in to see us in our offices.


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