Employment Contracts

Posted by Miracles 11 Apr 2017 | Modified 11 Apr 2017 | 4006 views

I have been liaising with a number of clients in the past couple of months who have been struggling with their Contracts of Employment.  They either don't have anything in place or what they do have is very outdated and doesn't comply to employment law.  It is a legal requirement for all employees to be issued with a Contract of Employment.

The aim of a contract is to set out clearly the terms under which an employee will be expected to work and is utilised to protect both parties.  When issuing a contract it is advisable to inlcude a job specification clearly setting out the duties and expectations of a position.

We can provide advice on Employment Contracts, carry out an audit on your exisiting contracts and update accordingly.  For a free, no obligation consultation contact us today.


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