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New Minor Miracles for ICT Recruitment

Posted 3/27/2018 | Modified 3/27/2018 | 1389 views

Miracles Recruitment is delighted to offer another minor miracle - the only specialist ICT technical recruitment capability on the Island. We have partnered with a well-respected ICT Consultant in ord...more

Employment Contracts

Posted 4/11/2017 | Modified 4/11/2017 | 4001 views

I have been liaising with a number of clients in the past couple of months who have been struggling with their Contracts of Employment.  They either don't have anything in place or what they do h...more

Candidate Referencing

Posted 1/14/2016 | Modified 1/14/2016 | 7332 views

CANDIDATE REFERENCING   More and more of late I am coming across employers who are not seeking references prior to engaging a new member of staff.  Would you buy a car witho...more

Office Space/Incubation

Posted 9/30/2013 | Modified 9/30/2013 | 0 views

For the last 2 years Miracles have been offering a start up incubation service within our offices.  This is an all emcompassing service for new start ups or businesses new to the Island that give...more

CIPD - The importance of HR to SMEs

Posted 6/21/2012 | Modified 6/21/2012 | 2588 views

HR, or people management, has a vital role to play in driving long-term performance in SMEs, whatever stage of growth the organisation is in and whether or not the organisation has a dedicated HR func...more


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